18.11.13 Thanksgiving collection


Holiday season has begun and this week we are preparing for Thanksgiving! This collection is focused on bringing together a clean & classic, fall-focused group of products with a couple of playful choices. The great thing about this collection… everything (besides the banner) can be used for everyday entertaining. Read further to see where you can pick up these pieces and how you can continue to use them after the holidays. 


  1. Bud Vase by Krikri Ceramics | When most people think of thanksgiving, yellows, oranges and reds come to mind so choosing yellow here provided the nod to Thanksgiving that everyone expects. That being said, if you find yourself wanting to be even less traditional, try one of the other great colors this comes in! Better yet, order a couple and space them across your table. 
  2. Felt flowers by Mafiz | We all know you won’t have time the morning of thanksgiving (or friendsgiving) to get fresh flowers! These felt flowers give a bright color and gorgeous shape to your table. Don’t forget to buy a couple bunches if you’re wanting multiple arrangements. After the holiday—no need to water them! Your table will naturally look put together through the holiday gatherings. 
  3. Saying plates by Kate Spade | I will admit it up front: I am a sucker for anything Kate Spade. These plates with playful sayings add character to any occasion. We know our eyes react to color and shape, but why not throw a couple curated words on your dinner table? 
  4. Colored plates by Suite One | I had a hard time choosing which color plates to feature from this etsy shop because they are all fantastic. This great green really “pops” with the items in the collection and makes a warm fall color statement. The metallic detail adds a great festive touch to your holiday table; “icing on the cake!” 
  5. Banner by Party Simple Box | Friendsgiving begs for a fun quirky banner and this company had so many choices. I couldn’t resist this Yam joke! 
  6. Concrete bowl by Par Celine – This concrete bowl modernizes any thanksgiving table and I love the dipped look of this one. Consider using this instead of a bread basket, or try serving cranberry sauce in it! 
  7. Copper pitcher by Little Haven Treasures | A perfect pitcher for water or maybe a seasonal cocktail you mixed! We’re used to seeing copper mugs, but the tall pitcher doubles as a focal point to the table AND as a chic serving piece. 
  8. Cheese Platter by Kabineto | I love the irregular edges on this cheese plate that remind you that its handmade… not to mention the great pattern. When the party is over and the dishes are done, hang this on your wall by the leather strap. 
  9. Table runner by Burke Décor | This metallic table runner could liven up any table but it especially provides a warm base to your fall table in this luscious bronze color. 


IVii Home is thankful for all of these great artists and their creativity!


What we LOVE about this house

Looking at houses can cause you to nit pick every little thing, and by the way, you should – its a BIG investment!  That being said it’s so important to be able to see the positive things or you’ll go crazy and feel hopeless that there isn’t a house out there for you. Because we were looking for a house with some projects to do, it definitely helped frame things we didn’t love as an opportunity, but I want to talk a bit about what made us fall in love with this house.

  1. Space : We asked ourselves several times if we were overcorrecting after being locked in such a small space for quarantine… after all, a 4 bedroom house for a couple with no kids is a lot of space. But we love that this house has space to spread out, tons of entertaining space, and plenty of space to host our friends and family from across the country! It really doesn’t feel like too much house when we walk through.
  2. Architecturally unique : As someone who is trained in architecture, I was looking for a house with some cool character. When I saw this three sided fireplace, I was absolutely sold! 
  3. Outdoor space/porch :  After living in the city for the past couple years, we were really excited to have some great outdoor space. Besides the amazing backyard, this house has a huge back porch and the potential for an outdoor dining space, grill and some patio furniture made for soaking up the sun (that was a non negotiable now that we’re losing our downtown pool). 
  4. Office : On the listing, this particular room caught our eye. This room has 2 walls of nearly solid windows, where all you can see is trees! It is by far my favorite room in the house – I am so excited that this room will give us a chance to feel like were outside even on the coldest winter days. 

This list could continue, but I’ll stop at the highlight reel! It’s a weird feeling for a house to feel like home before you live there, but this one had that, on top of all these great perks. We cannot wait to move in!

WFH in Covid

It’s an understatement to say that this pandemic is a weird time for everyone. We are communicating entirely through screens, we haven’t left our houses in weeks and our idea of a fun friday night includes a puzzle and a movie. Amongst the stay at home orders, we have also had to learn to work from home – in Matt and my case, in 900 Square Feet.

In our current apartment, we have a small den that one person can use for a quiet workspace so we have been switching off halfway through the day or sometimes scheduling around when each of us has meetings that require a quieter setting. The other person works at our kitchen island (only about 6′ away but separated by a door). Regardless of which location I am set up in, I have figured out all the aspects that surround me to make it a successful workspace, but as Matt and I have switched everyday, there is one where we are polar opposites: lighting.

In my case, I hate overhead lighting and would choose a lamp any day.  I like the glow that a combination of different light qualities bring and overhead light to me feels clinical and harsh. Matt, on the other hand, would prefer to have one overhead light for work. It totally makes sense – it does more accurately replicate an office setting! I suppose if we were labeling our preferences, I would be focused on “form” and Matt on  ” “function”.

Here are some pictures of the different light qualities on each of our work “settings”

Office Lighting

So everyday around noon, one of us says “wanna switch?” and without missing a beat we each carry our computer to the other space, but not before changing the light to our own preferences. Since I noticed it, I giggle to myself every time we make the switch and remember that design is so incredibly personal.


Starting a Blog… Again.

This is not the first time I’ve started this blog.

It is cringeworthy just writing those words because it reminds me that I am a complete cliche! I said “blogging will be a fun adventure!” and “how hard can it be?!” but here I am, nearly 2 years later, starting again.

About 2 years ago as a part of my masters program, I decided I’d start a blog as a class project. If you know me, you know that I don’t do things halfway -“just a class project” isn’t really in my wheelhouse even if that’s what I’m telling myself. I went all in, planning posts for months out, joining blogging facebook groups, reading up and listening to podcasts about how to be a blogger. Tell me I’m not the only one that has told themselves that this was a new me – I would just become someone that blogs!

As you might be able to guess, it was short lived. I did some posts, conducted some video interviews, reached out to some designers (which actually got me temporarily kicked off of Etsy – I’ll save that story for another time) and it was fun! But life got in the way as I graduated, moved to a new city and started a job in a new industry and I abruptly stopped.

I can’t say that I took time “off” because I never really started. I learned from the couple months that I did try to blog that it is a hard world to crack – that the people that do it are dedicated beyond belief to their craft.

As life has naturally gone one and I have started what I consider “adult life,” I have found myself really placing emotional emphasis on recording things so I can remember them. Planning my wedding, I find myself longing to know every detail of my parents’ big day and telling myself that I’m going to document these times so that I can share the same with my kids someday.

If you know me, you know I love to talk (and that I really never stop talking.) Through some self conscience (why can’t I just listen sometimes?!) I’ve realized that nothing brings me joy more than sharing something I love with others – a book I couldn’t put down, where I found my favorite summer sundress- I truly cannot keep it to myself.

All of this being said… This is a selfish endeavor. I am writing this blog to remember journeys I’ve been on, ideas I’ve had, or projects I’ve done so that I can share it with my kids someday.. but since I can’t wait that long to share with SOMEONE, I’m sharing it with anyone who will listen.

Here goes round 2!

P.S. if you’d like to see what round 1 looked like, I’ve added some of my old posts here, here & here. 

We bought a house?! : House hunting adventures

In the midst of an unprecedented time in the world, we decided to buy a house! It kind of came out of nowhere, (or at least it felt that way) but here is how it all came about.

In February, Matt and I resigned our lease at our great apartment for another year. It felt like the right choice, given that so many of our friends live downtown as well and we spend so much time around here with them – we weren’t quite ready to give that part up! Plus, with a wedding coming up this year, we decided that we would focus on one step at a time. We decided we would watch Zillow and unless the perfect thing fell into our lap, we would use the time to study and understand the market so we were ready to buy next year.

Well.. COVID happened and quickly, our 900 square foot apartment with two people working from home 24/7 was feeling quite snug, making our zillow searches more and more tempting. Over friday night cocktails, we scrolled together and a new house came on the market that felt like a great option. Would it hurt to look (safely) in person? Within an hour, we were connected with an agent and had a showing scheduled for the following morning.

We showed up for our first ever house tour the following morning to meet Jesse, who would become our fantastic realtor and our advisor through this whole process (thank you, Zillow, for your connection!) The house was cute, had a great yard with a hot tub (!!!), a recently updated kitchen and lots of great potential! It was a great house – we’d think on it and reach out if we had any additional questions.

As we pulled away, we decided that even though we liked it and it was the right kind of thing, it wasn’t “lease-breaking perfect.” Later, we found out that by the end of the day it had 3 offers, and was sold by the end of the weekend.

Although this wasn’t our house, our wheels were turning and the zillow search led us to call Jesse and get 3 more houses on the docket for the following morning.

The first house got us really excited. It felt like home! Amazing outdoor space that Matt loved, great design features that I was so excited about. One thing that overwhelmed us, it was so big! Let’s be real, anything felt big compared to our 900 square feet in Covid, but this was a giant change for us! But could the second one be the right one? It seemed so fast. We’d keep looking and see what else was out there.

We looked at 2 more houses that day, (including one foreclosure that made me excited for a design challenge, though Matt was less than enthused with the amount of work that had to be done –there we holes in the floor where the toilets had been!) Let’s face it, looking at houses was SO fun! What was the rush?

But the more we thought, the more we couldn’t get that 2nd house out of our heads. Was this it? We had had friends tell us that you shouldn’t look unless you’re ready to buy since it is SO easy to fall in love… man do I understand that now!

To speed this story up…

  • Tuesday: we went back with Matt’s family to look again – maybe that would help us see this from a different perspective?
  • Wednesday : Jesse took us to see 3 more houses – maybe we hadn’t seen enough houses?
  • Thursday: accepted offer! We were right – it truly was the perfect house!

Moral of the story: We bought a house and really could not be more excited about it!


18.11.03 Ekta Collection


With the start of this blog, I was excited to start talking about specific elements of personal space that individuals consider significant. This week, I had the privilege to interview a longtime friend, Ekta, about her loft in St. Louis. In her interview, (posted below) Ekta talks about her strategies for making her living space feel comfortable and exciting using pops of color and the special touches that have meaning to her.  


Inspired by Ekta’s love of color and her Indian saree quilt, I put together an Ekta Collection using the front console table in the entry of her loft as a background.  I focused on bringing in strong tones of color while curating and considered  patterns that reminded me of what you may see in the Indian sarees included in the quilt. See below for where you can find the items included. 


  1. Lamp (link ) Ekta mentioned her interest in experimenting with lighting because she knows it affects the way her space feels. Placing a lamp on the front table is a great way to make your entry feel welcoming by creating a cozy nook glow especially if the entry is devoid of natural light. 
  2. Bowls ( link ) These little bowls provide small scale interest on an entry table and can also be utilitarian holding coins or candy.  They also look great empty! The painted details on these bowls add so many fun color options providing an extra layer of detail. 
  3. Hand plate ( link ) Every house needs a place for keys. This plate is the perfect place to drop keys on your way in, so you can find them on the way out. 
  4. Flower wall sculpture ( link ) A beautifully detailed wall hanging, this flower adds dimension to the wall and is available in many gorgeous colors! 
  5. Wall Hanging ( link ) When I saw a picture of Ekta’s entry table, I thought something hanging next to the mirror would pull the eye down the hallway into the main spaces. This wall hanging is simple, but interesting.  It can be a piece that can be used throughout moves to new apartments and living scenarios…a good staple. 
  6. Wallcovering ( link ) The pattern of this wallcovering reminded me of the textures in an Indian saree and felt like it could be a part of her quilt! A fun pattern like this in blue creates a nice texture in a not-so-obvious neutral tone. Bonus: It’s removable, so a great option for renters or people who like constant change! 


Thank you, Ekta,  for sharing your style with me!


18.10.31 Halloween curation

Halloween AHalloween is around the corner, so it would be remiss if this post was not centered around the upcoming holiday. Unfortunately, Halloween is my least favorite holiday. I know what you’re thinking…  seems like we’re off to a bad start. However, my goal is to create a curation a week and that leaves no room for excuses! So, I have put together a modernized take on halloween decorations (they could even last you past the day itself!) When searching for these products, I was trying to channel a Tim Burton-esque collection rather than the traditional witches and goblins we see Every. Single. Year. If the traditional thing is more your style, have no fear ; You will see some touches of tradition within the collection! All products were found on etsy and are numbered in the photo with links below. 


  1. Wallpaper by Wallpapers4beginners (link) A bold way to add pattern! This vintage wallpaper gives a spooky feel but could turn into a quirky conversation piece after Halloween. 
  2. Stay Weird sign by Woodums (link ) A great motto to be reminded of, this wall hanging could be a great addition but is an especially fun reminder around Halloween. 
  3. Skull Candles by Ember Candle Co (link ) These could stick around your house forever for a more edgy vibe. Bonus—she has great exotic scent offerings and tons of colors! 
  4. Velvet pumpkin by Your Hearts Content (link ) A fun twist on the traditional pumpkin, this upholstery piece comes in lots of fun jewel tones—no need to stick to orange! 
  5. Candle Holders by Ali & Camille Studio (link ) Continuing the vintage theme, throw some brass candle holders in the mix and pair with dark colored candles for the Halloween vibe. These pieces are a great investment that will continue to spruce up your dinner table year round. 


Happy Haunting! 


18.10.20 Fall Curation

When there is even a hint of crispness in the air, I find myself reaching for anything and everything cozy, ready to welcome fall. This year in Kansas City, we have seen a lot of weather ups and downs, but I think it is finally safe to say that fall has officially arrived. 

With that, I took on a challenge to create a collection of items that brought fall into my house in a trend forward, but not so obvious way. This collection gives an industrial rustic feeling, with mixed metals right next to greens and plaid. Bonus: A lot of the items pictured were bought in one trip to Target. 

10.20 fall

  1. Terrarium by Threshold (link) Its always good to have something that is alive (or looks alive– this one is fake) in your house, especially when the leaves are falling and everything is going into winter hibernation. 
  2. Concrete Pear sculpture– This one I picked up at remporium KC (link) during one of their first saturdays events (a great saturday outing if you live in the KC area!). Even though you can’t find this exact piece, this is one of the best places to find cool pieces of character for your house! 
  3. Painted concrete pot – Adding paint to concrete adds a new dimension, whether it be a color or just black like it is in this photo. 
  4. Wall clock by Project 62 (link) I loved the drama and modern touch that this clock brought to this collection. Too many woods mixed with the plaid in this image could go very rustic, but this clock brought some interest, playing on the more industrial side of that vibe. 
  5. Plaid rug by Threshold (link) I know, I know… Plaid in fall isn’t so revolutionary, but sometimes, a classic is a classic for a reason. I liked the colors in this option, but any plaid used in the right way could make your house feel cozy and inviting, especially if placed by your front door! 

Watering Can by Smith & Hawken (link) A watering can represents the growth that comes with watering the garden, and often, fall is equated with a harvest. Bringing a watering can indoors (especially this one with an interesting twist on the handle) might give an interesting twist to a bookshelf, just don’t go overboard!